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Traveling Teepees

Our teepees are tired! They've been so busy! Traveling to homes and markets, they've really been working, and working up a sweat! The weather hasn't been so kind here in Northern Indiana. So hot & humid -- popsicles melt in nearly seconds!

DIY Sleepovers

This past week, our teepees met some really great new friends. They've been out and about in homes all over Michiana creating memories and having tons of fun! Camp 40 Winks and Sleepy Garden were both rented out this past week. Camp 40 Winks had some backyard fun with a special birthday crew. Sidewalk chalk drawings and a twinkling fire screensaver on the tv were just some of the fun they had. Not to mention, this crew set up Camp 40 on their own terms! The girls used the decor to personalize each teepee. They turned out so cute!

Meanwhile, Sleepy Garden was out enjoying some sweet girl time with a great group of girls to celebrate a special birthday! I'm sure there was plenty of giggles and girl talk going on late into the night. I mean it's crazy...why does the word sleepover even have the word sleep in it?!

Market at the Mill Under the Lights

For you locals, you know what we mean when we say the teepees visited a place a little like Magnolia Market at the Silos this weekend! Although, we did travel, we didn't make it to Waco, TX (not this trip anyway ;) but it sure felt like we were there. Market at the Mill Under the Lights was an event hosted by Joyfully Said Signs. This event was like no other. Lights, vendors, great food, live music--uh, it was perfect! We feel so very blessed to have been in such a beautiful space in the company of so many other local small business owners. It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to set up and talk to such amazing, lovely people. We're so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and greet such a wonderful community of people and business owners.

And now, we rest! And so do the sleepovers! The linens are all packed in the Ziker's Cleaners bags and ready for pick up in the morning. The air beds have gone through their blow up checks and have been washed and sanitized. The decor has been cleaned and put away. For the teepees, they're not quite finished yet! They will be standing tall for a few more days as they refresh and "air out." With all that said, we can't wait for the next round of sleepovers! Bring on the crazy!

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