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Themes. Oh, my!

Now that we have a few parties under our belt, we're ready to talk themes! They are so much FUN! Probably one of my most favorite things about 40 Winks! They're just so much fun to create, they are exciting to look at, and I really enjoy purchasing, and waiting ever so patiently (well, maybe not so patiently) for the Amazon driver to show up at my door. We've put so much thought into each theme, thus far. We really want every detail, every piece of decor to be exactly what boys and girls want. We hope to make them smile, giggle and jump up and down with excitement when they see the sleepover set up for the first time. It all comes back to creating those life-long memories! We're here for it!

Our very first theme is Sleepy Garden. It is pretty and dreamy. Sleepy Garden is draped with beautiful rose garland and lit with soft, calming paper lantern lighting for a dreamy night's sleep. Our second theme is the complete opposite! GlOw OvEr! This theme is sure to start the party...and to keep it going throughout the night! In this theme, our teepees are lined with glow in the dark tulle for an extra fun touch. Banners, neon pillows, and glow necklaces are just a few of the fun pieces that are included in this theme. However, the BEST part of the Glow Over are the TWO black lights that come with the party to create an ultimate glow in the dark experience. Our most recently added theme is School's Out for Summer. This theme made such a timely debut as an unforgettable school year was coming to an end and there was a serious need to celebrate. School's Out for Summer is the perfect theme for summer parties! It includes bright, fun summery decor with light up flamingos and pineapples and lei necklaces for a festive vibe. Grab a group of friends and CELEBRATE summer!

Got an idea for a theme? Want something in particular? We also customize themes! And who knows...Your customized theme might even become a regular around here. So throw us your craziest theme ideas, let us price and round up all the decor, and we'll send you a quote. It's as easy as that! Let us help you create your child's next BEST EVER memory!

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