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Teepees &'s just the beginning.

Updated: May 17, 2021

Sounds like a good idea, right?! I mean how can you go wrong with those two super fun things & a bestie to go with them? You can't! Okay! That's what we thought, too! Kira & I were so excited to get this little dream rolling we barely knew what day it was, let alone if we feed our kids dinner that night! Thank God for supportive husbands! To get this dream up and running there were many sleepless nights, many Mac & Cheese and hot dogs dinners, and even a few eye rolls from our husbands. BUT here we are! WE MADE IT!

Starting this dream was something Kira & I thought we were doing for ourselves--an outlet for us to be creative and a fun side project that just might make a little money along the way, but the impact it has ALREADY had on our young, beautiful girls is something much, much bigger and much better than either of us ever expected. From quick little comments at bedtime like, "Mom, I love the TikTok you made today for your teepees. I just know it's going to get at least a thousand views" to a cute hand-drawn picture book authored by one of our beauties, every small business moment we share (or sometimes share without noticing) our girls are seeing us. They see us as two women who were friends and now business partners. They see us as two women who talked about a silly, crazy idea that actually made that idea into a reality. And most importantly, they see their moms in a new light--they see that you can be more than just a "mom." You can have the best of both. You can be a GREAT mom and have a dream, too and you can even make that dream a reality. Yup, sure did!

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