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Sending Out the Laundry

Laundry! Ugh. Probably one of the most dreadful household chores. Whether it's folding it or putting it away--who actually does that anyway?! Laundry is just the most uneventful, annoying chore there is. However, this load, these two bags of laundry are so great! We have never been more excited for laundry before, like ever! I'm guessing it's partly due to not having to launder it ourselves, (Thank you, Zikers Cleaners!) but mostly because it is the beginning of something great!

In the beginning stages of 40 Winks, Kira and I were planning everything out so meticulously. To the number of teepees to purchase, to how many pillows we wanted on each air bed...and at every stage we became more and more excited and couldn't wait to launch our new business.

Now! The day has come to SEND OUT THE LAUNDRY! Seems like the night before your wedding, just so darn excited because you know there are so many BIG, BIG things to come. We know laundry isn't exciting, but we can't help but think of how many more times we'll be sending out the laundry after making kiddos sleepover dreams come true! Just the thought of stuffing the black bags full of fitted sheets, pillow cases, and blankets knowing just a few nights before kids were watching movies with their besties and hanging out having the best time together in our teepees is something so special to us. Kids now, more than ever before, NEED each other, they need time to be a kid with other kids--staying up until midnight, pillow fights, popcorn parties & sleepovers! All necessary, a rite of passage.

So yes, we are thrilled to be "doing" laundry, and honestly we can't wait to "do it" again next week, and the next, and the next. Because to us, more laundry means: positive peer to peer social interactions, kids being kids, and creating that rite of passage so that each kid has a happy memory to share with someone special--so they can say, "Remember that time we had that ultimate teepee sleepover in your basement...that was THE BEST!"

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