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Not Ready for a Sleepover? Let's Do a DAYover Instead!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

So you love our teepees & themes and think your child might, too? You really want to book it, but there's only one don't think they're ready for a sleepover just yet. No problem! We have a solution. Book a DAYover!

Okay, so I admit I totally made up that word, but seriously it's a real thing. A DAYover can be just a perfect as a sleepover! Give your child and their friends a day filled with all kinds of sleepover magic, minus the sleeping part! Want to add a little more fun, have your guest arrive in their pjs! Turn on a movie, pop some popcorn and BAM--You've got yourself a DAYover! Another option would be to order some pizzas, make ice cream sundaes, have an epic dance party, get in your pajamas, shut the blinds and watch your favorite movie till the sun goes down!

Not sure about that idea...okay, here's another one for you! What about a Backwards Sleepover? Have your guests arrive early in the morning. Serve a tasty breakfast in bed where guests enjoy breakfast on our breakfast trays while watching Saturday morning cartoons (are those even a thing anymore?) followed by a day of crafts and party games. After all that fun guests change into matching birthday pjs to enjoy an evening of movie watching and snacks. The party ends at 10pm when guests go home to sleep in their OWN cozy beds!

Having daughters of our own, we know how much they love doing fun activities, experiencing new things with their besties. They're memories they won't soon forget--even if it is during the day! Do what works for you and your child. When you're ready, we'll be here to create the most magical sleepover, DAYover, or Backwards sleepover EVER!

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