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Holidays Are Over--Bring On The Birthdays

It's January! You know what that means, a new year and a new round of birthdays! You can bet we're here for it! In the last six months we've had some of the most exciting moments of our adult lives, aside from marriages and the birth of our kids, of course and we can't wait to keep the fun going with even more sleepovers.

Birthday parties have never been easier with 40 Winks. You pick the date, number of guests, sleepover theme and we do the rest. We currently have eight sleepover themes to choose from and some fun add-ons, too. Looking for something different? Contact us! We love a challenge.

One more thing before we go...We know we mentioned birthdays, but sleepovers aren't just for celebrating another trip around the sun. We're here for the report card rewards, end of the season celebrations, and cousin get togethers. There's always a reason to celebrate!

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