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Fly Baby, Fly: DIY Sleepover

This weekend was our first rented DIY Sleepover. Eeeekk! Letting our baby go out on her own was hard to say the least, but we're so thankful the renters treated her right. She came back to us in great shape and she's ready to go out into the wide, wide world of sleepovers again very soon! Haha, but let me be serious for a minute. Putting so much time, energy, and money into something you love so much is hard to let go of...even for less than 24 hours.

DIY Sleepover

We offer two slightly different DIY Sleepover options. The first is DIY with delivery and pick up service. The second is a complete DIY option where the renter picks up from our location and returns it the following day. Both options include the same rental items, but you to save a little money by doing the traveling yourself.

DIY Sleepover: What to Expect

This sleepover option comes with everything you need to create an ultimate sleepover for three. Of course, you are still able to add additional nights & teepees to this option if needed. The DIY with delivery and pick up option will be dropped off at your doorstep. All rental items will be in two heavy duty totes, rugs and breakfast trays will be tag along, too and teepees will be closed and wrapped in a large piece of canvas to keep them clean. If you choose the complete DIY option you will need to make sure your vehicle is large enough to haul the items, preferably in one trip.

DIY Videos

Before the date of your party, you will be sent a private YouTube link to view a step-by-step tutorial video on how to set up the sleepover. The video is theme specific; therefore, each item in the theme is discussed. In the video, we explain exactly how each item works, tips & tricks, and give a suggestion as to where you can place each item when setting up the sleepover. You may view the video as many times as needed.

Is a DIY Sleepover for You?

Think you want to do it yourself? Whether you enjoy setting up for parties or are up for a challenge, either way a DIY Sleepover is easy and fun to do! Not to mention a great option if you're on a budget! We are available to you for all services, feel free to contact us before, DURING, or after your party. We're here to make sure you're able to host the BEST.SLEEPOVER.EVER! Remember, it's all about making those life-long memories!

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