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Fall/Winter Birthday Sleepover Party Ideas

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

So you have a child with a fall or winter birthday? Don't fret 40 Winks has you covered. Book a sleepover and add one of these fun activities and BAM! party taken care of!

October Birthdays

Host a sleepover with a Halloween theme--you decide how much spook to add! Ask your guest to come dressed in a pair of Halloween pajamas and to bring a bucket for collecting candy. Have a candy scavenger hunt around your house or outside (weather permitting) as a fun way to collect candy. Throw in a few fun games of Toilet Paper Mummy & Frankenstein Bowling and you've got yourself a perfect sleepover. In the morning, make sure to include a donut eating race with your candy breakfast, of course!

November Birthdays

Host a sleepover with a Game Night theme--How fun would it be to play games and eat pizza & popcorn all night? Have each guest bring their favorite board/card game take turns playing each game. If you're really up for a challenge, ahead of time, create Minute-to-Win it games. Kids go nuts over hands-on fun! Pinterest has tons of games ideas and material lists to take the guess work out of what to plan. If all else could always rake a big pile of leaves for the kids to play in for hours which will hopefully make them tired enough to want to go to sleep at a decent hour!

December/January Birthdays

Host a sleepover with a Winter Wonderland theme--One word, Frozen! There are tons and tons of party ideas to add to a Frozen sleepover. Pin the nose on Olaf, sister ice block races, Sven snowball toss, and much more. Not into Frozen? That's okay, there are plenty of winter games to play inside. Mitten hide and seek, snowball fight with marshmallows (and afterwards you can roast them and makes s'mores using an at home s'mores fire kit.) Lastly, every winter party needs a campfire, so grab some paper towel rolls and red & yellow tissue paper make a fire. Sit around singing campfire songs and telling ghost stories till you fall asleep, or until you need another s'more!

February Birthdays

Host a sleepover with a Valentine theme--Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? Ask your guest to bring one valentine per guest. Take turns passing out valentines and have fun opening--for something a little special, tell the guests not to write their name on their valentines, then play a game of guess who, guessing who brought which valentine. Of course, no Valentine party is complete without decorating Valentine cookies! Get out those heart shape cookie cutters and red & pink sprinkles, Mama! Let's get baking!

Well, there you have it! Got a kiddo with a fall/winter birthday? Worry no more! Book a sleepover, add a couple fun activities, a movie & popcorn. It's as easy as that. Ready to book? We accept bookings up to 6 months in advance so what are you waiting for?! Go to NOW! Tell them the blog post made you do it!

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