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Busy Moms Unite

The demands of work, household chores, chauffeuring kids, attending extra curricular activities all while trying to find time for yourself (hahaha, is that even a real thing?!?) It can all be so daunting and exhausting. Oh, and wait...guess what?! Your child's birthday is next week, and all they asked for was to have a sleepover with five of their closest friends. You can do this! All you need is time. Time to plan the party, time to buy the party supplies, time to make the homemade cupcakes, time to plan the games, create a craft, and of course, time to clean your house but wait then you realize....the one thing you don't have is TIME.

Oh, Mama! Let us help you. Us moms at 40 Winks Sleepovers know what it's like to want to give your child the world, so when they ask for a sleepover that's exactly what you want to give them. But when you're already stretched so thin even when you have the best intentions, things don't always go as planned. Hear us when we say, you're never too strong to ask for help. Or hey, even to hire someone to take something off your plate. Our Full Service option does just that. From the planning, delivery, set up, and tear down & take away we take care of it all, so you can enjoy making memories with your child. You know, the BIG ones. The ones they'll never forget!

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